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All of Murphy’s Fireplace & Stoves inspections meet level 2 NFPA requirements and are performed by our nationally certified technicians. Regular chimney inspections are important to keeping your fireplace or stove functioning efficiently and safely. In fact, obstructions or blockages in your chimney can cause toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide to enter your home or even chimney fires. It’s time to schedule an inspection when anything on this handy checklist below applies:

  • You notice visible soot anywhere in your home
  • Before each heating season
  • Before installation of a new fuel-burning appliance
  • Before purchasing a new home
  • Immediately after a chimney or house fire
  • If your home has been struck by lightning
  • If your chimney has experienced an impact or damage
  • If you notice staining in the vicinity of your chimney
  • If your roof has been recently replaced


Cleaning your chimney is essential to keeping your fireplace running properly and safely. A neglected chimney can accumulate Creosote (a tar-like substance) in the flue, which can cause unpleasant odors, improper drafting, and even chimney fires. As a general rule, your chimney should be cleaned every 36 fires or once per year, whichever comes first. Our licensed team will keep your chimney functioning at its best!


Our technicians regularly attend continuing education classes and seminars to stay current with the latest innovations and technology in our industry. Murphy’s Fireplace & Stoves offers the most educated and knowledgeable chimney cleaning professionals in the field!

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Masonry work and repairs are often required on chimneys and fireplaces due to fire damage, water damage, improper construction, or poor maintenance. We offer tuckpointing, smoke chamber repairs, firebox repairs and rebuilds, as well as chimney crown repair or replacement. We have several highly skilled masonry crews that do exceptional work in all facets of masonry repair. Because of our exceptional quality, attention to detail, and competitive pricing, our masonry services are in high demand!


The interior, wood-burning space of your fireplace is called the firebox. Although the refractory mortar and firebricks used to construct this area are built to withstand high temperatures, they tend to deteriorate over time. Sometimes, the firebox becomes weakened with age and use or could be damaged as the result of a chimney fire. If you notice broken bricks or cracked mortar, our masonry experts can do a full or partial rebuild of the firebox so that it looks and performs like new. Masonry repair is one of Murphy’s Fireplace & Stoves specialties!


Tuckpointing is needed when the mortar between the bricks is cracked or missing. If this is not repaired in a timely manner, then precipitation will have the opportunity to penetrate these areas. Similarly, cracked or crumbling chimney crowns can allow precipitation in and cause water damage. This moisture can lead to spalling on the inside or outside of your chimney. If unrepaired, pieces of the brick facing can fall and cause more damage to the chimney.

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We are so confident in the quality workmanship, the finest materials, and durable heavy-duty construction invested in every Regency product we carry that we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We know that you will be as proud of your Regency Contemporary Collection Fireplace as we are – we guarantee it!

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