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Why should you clean your chimney?

Cleaning your chimney is a prime way to find out if there’s a fire or safety hazard that puts your family at risk. By working with an experienced chimney sweep and repairing anything that could present an issue down the line, you are keeping your loved ones in safe hands.

Not only can a Tualatin chimney cleaning service remove every spec of debris and any dangerous buildup, but it also offers an opportunity to inspect your chimney for cracks and other damage. Cracks can cause fires, even in the most durable, high-quality masonry chimneys and fireplaces. You may not see the cracks if they are high up in your chimney, which is where professional-grade cleaning equipment comes in. If a repair is needed, your cleaner will take care of it for you and make sure that your fireplace is safe to be around.

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Finding the Right Chimney Cleaning Company in Tualatin

Why Choose Murphy’s?

Murphy’s Fireplace & Stove’s experts clean, install, and repair fireplaces and stoves of every variation, including pellet, gas, and wood. When you work with our chimney sweep specialists in Tualatin, we are confident that we have everything you need to maintain a safe, well-functioning fireplace in your household.


Here at Murphy’s Fireplace & Stove, we believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get a thorough chimney cleaning. We’ll perform every cleaning service you need and take care of any and all repairs at an affordable price.


It’s important to sweep and scrub all parts of your chimney, including the chimney liner and firebox, to ensure the hot air releases out the chimney and not into your home. We’ll be sure to clean every component of your chimney so that you can worry less and enjoy your fireplace more.


Our specialists have 70+ years of combined experience, giving you peace of mind knowing that we have the skills needed to take care of your chimney and fireplace in the most efficient way possible. We aim to keep your house as clean as your chimney and fireplace when we leave.

Murphy's Fireplace & Stoves offer the highest quality Regency wood burning stoves in a variety of styles to fit right into your home.

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When to Clean Your Chimney

Cleaning a chimney is a dangerous job–a job for a professional. Work with a certified chimney technician in Tualatin to ensure your chimney fits the highest safety standards and is completely free from creosote, debris, and other things that could start a fire. Murphy’s Fireplace & Stove’s technicians are nationally certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), so you can trust that if anything is out of order with your chimney, we’ll find it (and let you know).

If your chimney or fireplace are not functioning at their best, you likely have buildup that needs to be cleaned, or a repair is in order. Schedule a cleaning to ensure everything is as it should be. The ideal time to clean your chimney is in the spring or summer when you’re less likely to use your fireplace. Another time to clean your chimney is if you are moving into a new place. It’s just as important to inspect your chimney beforehand as it is to clean your chimney annually (or every 36 fires–whichever comes first).

Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning Services in Tualatin

Signs You Need Chimney Cleaning

From a pest invasion to residue buildup, your chimney’s condition can change a lot over the course of a year. We recommend cleaning your chimney right away if any of the following sounds familiar:

There’s a black substance on the inside of your fireplace.

This residue (creosote) is the top cause of chimney fires. You’ll want to be extra wary of creosote and buildup if you have a wood-burning fireplace. Enough soot, dirt, and debris can prevent air from entering the flue in the proper way. This can bring smoke and debris into your living space and contaminate the air you breathe in, which is far from safe.

The campfire smell sticks around even when the flames are out.

Smoke should never enter your home. The only direction it should go is up and out the chimney. If the flue is open, and smoke is still sneaking into your living room, we recommend cleaning your fireplace right away to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

You’ve noticed nests or other signs of animals.

Despite how you place the wood into the fireplace, you may have higher flames on one side, which swirl around to the other side without touching some of the wood. This indicates that a chimney cleaning is in order, as there could be an obstruction in your chimney that’s affecting the airflow and how your wood burns.

How We Clean Your Chimney

What Happens During a Chimney Cleaning

Here are the steps we take to clean your chimney to protect your family & home.

Chimney Inspection

Your chimney cleaning will begin with a routine inspection so that our technicians can identify any cracks or maintenance issues that present a safety concern. We’ll let you know if anything needs repaired and provide all the necessary details in a diagnostic report.

Don’t worry. If there are any pressing safety concerns, we’ll let you know immediately. With your permission, we will also tackle them with our repair service.

Chimney Cleaning

The chimney deep-cleaning starts after your inspection is complete. We’ll be sure to provide instructions beforehand, such as avoiding your fireplace for at least 24 hours before the appointment. We promise to keep your living space clean by using drop cloths and tarps. Those will protect the floor from any debris that could endanger your family or pets (or make a mess of your living space).

Expect the cleaning to take about 20 minutes to an hour, though plan for additional time if your chimney hasn’t been serviced in a while. We’ll extract any debris, creosote, and other buildup that could prevent your chimney and fireplace from giving you the relaxing fire experience you’re looking for this upcoming season.

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Murphy’s Fireplace & Stove offers a detailed cleaning by certified industry professionals who have worked with chimneys for decades. We do it all, from installing and cleaning to repairing gas, wood, and pellet fireplaces and stoves. You can trust us if you need a job well done.

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