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Why should you clean your chimney?

Our inspections often reveal that the chimney needs to be repaired. We give up-front advice about whether repairs are necessary, as well as the best approach to take to address any problems.

You can trust that we’re providing the best recommendations with no overcharging or overselling because we don’t employ salespeople nor do we work for commissions or provide employee incentives for upselling. We will handle any repairs the same day if you permit it. A repair can only happen if the owner consents to the repair and all details have been understood beforehand.

Not only can a Beaverton chimney cleaning service remove every spec of debris and any dangerous buildup, but it also offers an opportunity to inspect your chimney for cracks and other damage. Cracks can cause fires, even in the most durable, high-quality masonry chimneys and fireplaces. You may not see the cracks if they are high up in your chimney, which is where professional-grade cleaning equipment comes in. If a repair is needed, your cleaner will take care of it for you and make sure that your fireplace is safe to be around.

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Finding the Right Chimney Cleaning Company in Beaverton

Why Choose Murphy’s?

Thanks for visiting Murphy’s Fireplace & Stove! Our company has been successfully serving the Beaverton area for over 20 years, so we know exactly what it takes to maintain a great chimney. We take pride in our exceptional results and high-quality work.

Whether it is masonry work, gas line installation, gas fireplace installation, or chimney and stove cleaning services, Murphy’s Fireplace & Stove is your one-stop shop. Contact us today to let us know how we may be able to help and we will be at your property ASAP!


You won’t find any salesman here — just honest, competitive pricing for your cleaning, repairs, & other services. We always ensure the best possible rates for our clients!


Our experts are highly trained and have decades of combined experience with chimney cleaning. We inspect & clean every component of your fireplace & chimney to guarantee peace of mind.


By the time we finish, your chimney & fireplace will be in better shape & cleaner than ever. We work diligently to provide exceptional results for every client.

Murphy's Fireplace & Stoves offer the highest quality Regency wood burning stoves in a variety of styles to fit right into your home.

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When to Clean Your Chimney

If your chimney or fireplace are not functioning at their best, you likely have buildup that needs to be cleaned, or a repair is in order. Schedule a cleaning to ensure everything is as it should be. The ideal time to clean your chimney is in the spring or summer when you’re less likely to use your fireplace. Another time to clean your chimney is if you are moving into a new place. It’s just as important to inspect your chimney beforehand as it is to clean your chimney annually (or every 36 fires–whichever comes first).

Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning Services in Beaverton

Signs You Need Chimney Cleaning

From a pest invasion to residue buildup, your chimney’s condition can change a lot over the course of a year. We recommend cleaning your chimney right away if any of the following sounds familiar:


If you tend your fireplace constantly or have trouble starting it, your chimney most likely isn’t ventilated enough, and your fire won’t last without adequate air flow.


The smell of a campfire even when there’s no fire in the fireplace usually indicates you need to do a deep clean.


Usually, when your fire burns differently, it means your fireplace needs to be inspected or cleaned.


If the fireplace is filling up with smoke, don’t use it even with the flue open. Contact a professional right away to get it cleaned and inspected.


This sign indicates that there is creosote present in the fireplace. Creosote is a substance left behind after wood combustion that can be hazardous in excess concentration.


Typically, creosote build-up appears as a darkened chimney damper. The damper covers the flue and prevents smoke from leaving the chimney.


If you suspect that an unknown pest has taken residence in your chimney, please stop all use of it immediately and get in touch with our team for an inspection.

How We Clean Your Chimney

What Happens During a Chimney Cleaning

Here are the steps we take to clean your chimney to protect your family & home.

Chimney Inspection

The first step we take when cleaning a chimney or stove is to perform an inspection. We check to make sure that everything appears fine before we begin to remove soot and other contaminants.

Safety is our first concern. Our experts can identify all types of safety hazards and can recommend and perform the necessary repairs. You will always receive a diagnostic report and estimate for repair along with a written explanation of our findings and recommended course of action. If any problems result from our inspection, we will let you know immediately.

Chimney Cleaning

Once we are done and you are satisfied with the inspection, we will clean your fireplace from top to bottom and from inside to out, so there is no dirt or debris left. A clean, well-functioning fireplace means a lower utility bill and a healthier living space.

Cleaning your chimney will take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on when you want it done. Sometimes units need quick cleaning, while other jobs need deeper cleaning.

You will receive instructions when you schedule an appointment regarding the things you need to do prior to a chimney cleaning. We recommend you avoid burning your chimney for at least 24 hours beforehand. We recommend scheduling your chimney cleaning in the off-season so you will not be without heat a day before your cleaning.

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